Afima is a renowned confectionery distributor partner in Italy, specializing in the distribution of international food & beverage brands. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the market, Afima provides a range of essential activities to support and promote these brands in the Italian market. Here are the main activities that we offer as Afima:

Scouting and Monitoring

it is in our interest to partner with brands that are always in line with market trends. That is why we conduct daily scouting activities for new products or unexpressed potential in all sectors, involving brands that we believe can achieve great results alongside us.

Market Analysis

we conduct thorough market research and analysis to understand the Italian confectionery market, including consumer preferences, trends, and competition. This enables us to provide valuable insights and guidance to international brands regarding product positioning, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Distribution Network

as Afima we have an extensive and well-established distribution network throughout Italy, with strong partnerships with wholesalers, retailers, and supermarkets. This ensures us a wide market coverage and efficient distribution of confectionery products for international brands.

Sales and Marketing

we focus on driving sales and implementing effective marketing strategies for the brands we represent. Drawing on our expertise, we develop customized sales plans and targeted marketing campaigns to increase the visibility and demand for confectionery products.

Brand Management

Afima takes on the responsibility of representing and managing the brands it distributes. We ensure that the brand image and reputation are upheld through consistent messaging, branding, and adherence to quality standards in the Italian market.

Inventory and Logistics

we manage inventory levels efficiently to ensure a continuous supply of confectionery products. Through precise logistics management and inventory control, we minimize wastage and ensure the freshness of our distributed products.

Customer Relationship Management

in Afima we place great emphasis on building strong and long-lasting relationships with customers, including retailers and wholesalers. We provide excellent customer service, address inquiries promptly, and fulfill the needs of our clients.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Afima ensures compliance with all relevant regulations and quality standards in the confectionery industry. We adhere to local regulations, labeling guidelines, and food safety requirements, guaranteeing that the distributed products are compliant and of high quality.

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